Biden vowed retaliation against ISIS-K after explosions in Afghanistan

President Joe Biden, offered a press conference, after the Pentagon confirmed at least two explosions in the vicinity of the airport Kabul International, which left dozens of deaths among them 13 U.S. military. A third explosion was reported in the last hour, however, it has not been confirmed by the Department of Defense. Biden promised

They discover a man who injected products in supermarkets

England.- A man was arrested by London police after being accused of having injected products (and perhaps contaminated) in three supermarkets. The events occurred last night (Wednesday) in West London, in the Hammersmith area, when around 7:40 p.m. police received a report of a man shouting insults on public roads. According to police reports, the

The details of the draft of Uribe’s proposal on an amnesty

Former President Alvaro Uribe A few days ago the idea was raised by a general amnesty in Colombia and this Thursday the former president He will have a meeting with the Democratic Center, of which he is the natural head, to share a first draft of the proposal. The document specifies that “It will be