SEAT stops production at its Barcelona plant due to a shortage of chips

SEAT, the Spanish unit of Volkswagen, has partially halted car assembly at its plant near Barcelona due to bottlenecks in the supply of semiconductors globally, the company said in a statement on Friday. The plant has stopped its number 2 assembly line for two days because it is missing semiconductors, according to the statement. SEAT,

Afghanistan: Pandjir Valley: These fighters want to defeat the Taliban

Berlin/Kabul. Almost all of Afghanistan is occupied by the Taliban. But fighters for the resistance against the Islamists are gathering in the Pandjir Valley. The men carry Kalashnikovs and bazookas, they pose on armored vehicles. Cell phone recordings show their tanks as they pass through places in the Region Pandschir roll, a valley just over

Five tips to get the most out of your PlayStation 5

La PlayStation 5 it has several hidden tricks that you may not know. Get the most out of the new Sony console. With them you can have a better user experience for your video game and make it more attractive. Check these tips that we bring you. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN | PS5: The