The temptation of Q4 to use international reserves

Finally, the Bank of Mexico received yesterday, August 23, the allocation for 8,542 million Special Drawing Rights (SDR) that corresponded to Mexico, out of a total of 458,000 million SDR that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) distributed among its members. The amount assigned to our country is equivalent to 12,117 million dollars, and as the

They denounce hunting against opponents of the 4T

M. Martínez / A. Baranda / Reform Agency Tuesday, August 24, 2021 | 05:00 Mexico City— Opposition leaders and legislators denounced that the accusation against the PAN member Ricardo Anaya for allegedly having received bribes to approve the energy reform is a sign that the Government of the 4T uses justice to persecute opponents. “What

Kabul airport violence encourages extended US withdrawal

Even as the evacuation from Afghanistan is accelerating, President Biden is considering extending the deadline for the withdrawal of US troops, amid pressure from global leaders and veterans who are concerned that the security vacuum could have deadly consequences. . The violent clashes at the Kabul airport that occurred on Monday reinforced fears that the