He accuses the INE of inflating the cost of revocation

Antonio Baranda and Claudia Guerrero / Reforma Monday, 23 August 2021 | 10:09 Mexico City.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador described that in the INE they are “gruesome”, because they are asking for “a lot of money” in order that the consultation for the revocation of the mandate is not carried out. “The other thing

Refugees: What the Afghanistan crisis means for Gelsenkirchen

Gelsenkirchen. Gelsenkirchen is preparing for Afghan refugees – just how many? The Greens demand: “Mayor Welge should show her attitude”. Ejf Tubeu Hfmtfoljsdifo cfsfjufu tjdi bvg ejf Bvgobinf wpo = tuspoh? Hfgmýdiufufo bvt Bghibojtubo = 0tuspoh? Wps / Tpmmuf ebt = tuspoh? Mboe OSX- = 0tuspoh? xjf bohflýoejhu- {fjuobi = tuspoh? 2911 Nfotdifo = 0tuspoh?

Darmstadt: Several people with symptoms of intoxication at the TU

At least seven people at the Technical University of Darmstadt suffered serious health problems including symptoms of poisoning on Monday. For one person, the situation was temporarily critical, but is now stable again, said a police spokesman. Six people reportedly had to be cared for in a hospital. All of them were in one house

Impact of the Covid-19 vaccine on fertility: the opinion of a specialist

Since the launch of vaccination campaigns in Algeria or elsewhere in the world, some crazier theories have multiplied on possible adverse effects. Among these theories, a negative impact on fertility and procreation. All Algerian specialists are unanimous: anti-Covid-19 vaccines do not rethink any major danger to the health of citizens and they constitute the only