Recognized vaccines: when an Algerian senator criticizes Europe

It is no longer a secret that the covid-19 vaccines administered in Algeria are not recognized in the majority of European countries, starting with France, the main European destination for Algerians. This situation gives rise to several obstacles that stand in the face of Algerians who wish to travel. All this ended up making Senator

“Stop being a peeping Tom”: Tomás Jocelyn-Holt’s unusual blitzkrieg campaign on Twitter to get on the ballot

“Sponsor me to President”, asks Tomás Jocelyn-Holt through Twitter in a unique campaign against the clock to reach the presidential ballot. “Let me compete,” launches the former deputy on the social network, where it is promoted: “It’s super simple to get out of this nightmare if you put your mind to it. Become part of

Djamel Bensmail case: El Bilad TV suspended

The crime committed against the young Djamel Ben Ismail is a trauma that shook the whole of Algeria. That said, some media have committed the irreparable by broadcasting the unbearable images filmed by unconscious individuals in Larva Nath Irathen. The Ministry of Communication has finally reacted to these overruns, starting with that committed by the

A new electric is coming from Porsche: maybe the 718?

From 7 to 12 September it will be possible to follow the most important news expected at Monaco Auto Show (IAA), which this year will no longer be in Frankfurt but in the German city also famous for Oktoberfest. In the past few hours, some information has leaked regarding what could be there second car

‘Peluchín’ laughs at Gisela Valcárcel for appearing to read the bible after ‘rudeness’ to Allison Pastor

Rodrigo gonzalez did not go unnoticed the tense moment that Gisela Valcárcel and Allison Pastor lived last Saturday at the ninth gala of ‘Show Queens’. The popular ‘stuffed animal’ announced that it will give more details of the discussion that the ‘lure’ starred in with Erick Elera’s wife. Through his Instagram account, Rodrigo published a