Pagellone / Lazaro: confidence and good performances, a good first part of the season

The Austrian winger who arrived on loan from Inter played a lot and convinced everyone, you can rely on him

With the championship paused due to the World Cup in Qatar, it’s time to draw the first conclusions at home, as far as individual players are concerned. If the team has shown good things in these first 15 days, it is also thanks to a player who arrived on the sly, but who took his place on the flank: Valentine Lazarus. The player made 15 appearances in total between league and cup, with 2 assists and 4 yellow cards. He was on the bench in only two games, those against Cremonese and Sampdoria. For the rest, he has always enjoyed the trust of the coach Ivan Yuric, who often preferred him to Vojvoda on the left. Given his figures and performances, his redemption from Inter appears increasingly probable.

Only one mistake in the season

The only obvious mistake made by the 26-year-old Austrian was in Bologna-Turin, when he got completely lost Orsolini at the far post in the rossoblù equalizer. On the other hand, the excellent performances against Lecce, Roma and Sassuolo (with a goal disallowed for offside) should be highlighted. His biggest game, however, was the one at home against Milan, where he also provided an assist for Djidji’s header. Overall, many revved up on the wing, excellent crosses and punctual defensive closures, which made him one of the happiest surprises of this start to the season.

Rating: 6.5

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