Pagellone / Linetty, good first part of the season: the goal in Rome is the icing on the cake

The number 77 of Toro has always done well when he has been called into question, Juric is proud of the Polish midfielder

The World Cup continues in Qatar, as does the analysis of the various Serie A clubs regarding the first part of the season. Among the happiest notes, as regards the first part of the Taurus season, there is without any shadow of a doubt Karol Linetty. The former Sampdoria midfielder was one of the many players revitalized thanks to the “Juric cure”. After showing several positive things last season, the number 77 grenade in the current season has been able to make the most of the opportunities that Juric has given him, also due to the physical problems that have affected Sasa Lukic first and Samuel Hedgehogs then. So it can be said that thanks to the continuity that he managed to find and above all thanks to the qualities demonstrated on the green rectangle, Linetty has returned to being the Linetty that was seen in his experience in Genoa on the Sampdoria side and that everyone admired. It is absolutely no coincidence that Ivan Juric has put a lot of faith in the Polish midfielder in fact, among the grenade midfielders, Linetty is the one who has collected the most playing time on the pitch. Not an insignificant aspect.

Linetty: the goal in Rome is the perfect setting for an excellent first part of the season

The Polish midfielder has always done well when he has been called into question and Juric is very satisfied with him who has also spent sweet words towards him, proving to be satisfied and proud of the path that Linetty has been pursuing for some time now. The number 77 grenade will certainly want to continue on the path taken and will want to continue to give strength to the Toro midfield. Or rather, the Pole will want to start from where he finished, and that is from the goal scored in the Rome which was for him the best possible conclusion to the first part of the current season.

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Karol Linetty
Karol Linetty

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