Pagellone / Ricci makes the difference: with him in the field, Toro have lost only once

The former Empoli midfielder is certainly a truly fundamental pawn in Juric’s chessboard, without him Toro struggles to score points

The balance sheet of the first part of the season at Toro can certainly be evaluated positively, beyond the standings, due to the fact that there are several players who are doing very well and who still have ample room for growth. Among them emerges the name of Samuel Hedgehogs. The number 28 grenade, in this first part of the season, had to deal with an injury to the soleus muscle of his left leg sustained in the warm-up before the match against Atalanta. A problem that forced Ricci to stop in the pits for over a month. A forced stop which, most likely not by chance, coincided with the negative period of the team led by Ivan Juric. Then when he returned to the fields, Ricci practically always did well, continuing a very, very significant growth path that the injury only slowed down a bit but never stopped him, also thanks to the character of the midfielder born in 2001 and his great desire to reach higher and higher.

Ricci: not even he managed to save himself in the match against Bologna

Up to here, Ricci had the most serious flaw in the match against Bologna, although it must be emphasized that for the grenade there is very little, if anything to save from that match. The challenge against Thiago’s team Motta, where Ricci was the protagonist of many mistakes, some of which were trivial, it was the first and only defeat of Toro with the number 28 grenade on the field from the first minute. Beyond that challenge Ricci has always done very well, proving to be particularly skilled in the game construction phase. Now the midfielder, who grew up in the Empoli youth academy, is preparing for a great second part of the season, knowing that he will continue to be kept an eye on also by CT Roberto Left-handed. Not an insignificant aspect.

Score: 7

Samuel Ricci
Samuel Ricci

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