Pagellone / Zima fluctuating: mistake in Udine then good performance

The season for Zima started uphill but the Czech defender didn’t give up and when he returned to play he did well

The long winter break due to the World Cup being held in Qatar will allow the various Serie A teams to continue analyzing their performance in the first part of the season. The balance in the Toro house can be considered very positive overall. Going to speak more specifically of the individuals, who can be satisfied with the performance achieved so far is certainly David Zima. The Czech defender had to miss the first three league games due to a bad shoulder injury, only to return to the field in the final minutes of the match against Inter. In total to date the number 6 Taurus has racked up 7 appearances in Serie A And 1 in the Italian Cup, the one collected against the Citadel, a match in which Zima also scored a goal. Apart from the number of appearances, the Czech born in 2000 has shown that he is a growing player and he certainly won’t want to stop, but will continue to improve by learning from his mistakes, trying never to give up and never look away from his goal, as he did after accusing the shoulder problem.

Zima: good against Milan and Samp but there were also some mistakes

Zima has made few mistakes so far. If we really have to name someone, we can mention the matches where the grenades faced Inter and Udinese. In the match against the nerazzurri the number 6 grenade entered the field at a complicated moment in the match and went to cover a new position, demonstrating a lot of insecurity on the pitch. Against the Friulians instead he was among those responsible for the goal scored by Delofeu. Two small drools from the Czech defender that don’t affect the good things done so far, especially in the matches against Milan and Sampdoria, just to give two more examples. Surely in the second part of the season Zima will be able to become a point of reference for Juric.

Score: 6

David Zima
David Zima

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