Paid PCR and antigen tests: prices, public concerned … what is changing this Friday

On October 15, 2021, covid screening tests become chargeable in certain situations. Here is what you need to know.

Testing for the coronavirus has been free – or rather paid for – in France for a long period of the pandemic. However, the government had announced it: this strategy of open access to testing is partly coming to an end. The tests will now be paid, but not for everyone: it depends, for example, on the vaccination status.

The new protocol begins this Friday, October 15, 2021. Here’s what you need to know.

Contact persons must be tested. // Source: Flickr/CC/Federal Senate (photo recadrée)

Which audiences are affected by paid PCR tests?

To obtain the health pass: not covered

As recalled government site, these are the tests carried out in order to obtain the health pass which become chargeable. This means that they will no longer be supported, and will be paid directly by the person performing this test. The cost of the test itself is the same as before, but it is no longer covered by Health Insurance.

Symptomatic people or contact at risk: management

In case of significant symptoms of covid, or when we are contact case, access to screening tests will continue to be supported.

The “free” remains valid in the following situations:

  • Complete vaccination schedule (unless there is a contraindication to vaccination), it will then be necessary to provide a vaccination certificate;
  • Minors, with confirmation by identity document;
  • People identified as a contact case by Health Insurance, on presentation of proof of contact at risk (email or SMS);
  • People affected by collective screening campaigns (ARS, schools, etc.);
  • People whose symptoms are confirmed by a medical prescription (valid for 48 hours and not renewable);
  • Persons with a certificate of reinstatement less than six months old.

Current rates

The prices of screening tests vary depending on which test it is:

  • The tests PCR carried out in a medical biology laboratory will be priced at 43,89 €.
  • The antigenic tests (faster) will cost between € 22.02 and € 45.11 depending on the screening context.

For antigenic tests, here is the price list in detail:

Pricing schedule for antigenic tests // Source: Government

The autotests, meanwhile, cost 5,20 euros. But they do not make it possible to obtain the sanitary pass, their reliability being quite low.

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