Pajarito and his departure from Colo Colo: "No one had told me anything, no approach"

Since his irruption in football, Jaime Valdés confessed that one of his greatest dreams was to play in Colo Colo. After a long stopover in Europe, Pajarito returned to Chile to join the club of his loves in 2014, immediately winning the affection of the people and being one of the main figures of the star 30.

After five years in the Cacique and unexpectedly, Valdés, received a door slammed in the face when he suddenly found out that he was not considered by Mario Salas, which is why his link with the popular cast was ended.

In conversation with ESPN FShow, the flyer provided details of his painful departure. “Leaving Colo Colo was going to hurt me at any time. What happened was something unexpected. I arrived one Monday to train, to meet with Mario (Salas) because they were projecting the following year and I was super confident, calm in to be able to continue. Nobody had told me anything, no approach “, he expressed.

“That hurt me, not being able to be prepared for that moment. I understood that I was not performing as in the first three years, but I never thought that that day they were going to tell me that I was not continuing. I understand that the coach has to make up the squad, choose his players, sometimes a footballer is not for the system that DT wants and I could not be in Colo Colo for life. I knew it was going to come out at some point. But because it was so unexpected, it was painful “added.

The biggest pain For little bird happens for not having been able to say goodbye to the fans. “The form was cold for everything we had experienced, for everything I gave. I did not want anything special, but I would have liked to receive a final applause from the public, for all the beautiful moments that we had and that the people of Colo Colo gave me. But it did not happen, the people who were there made another decision. Now you could understand it more calmly, but at the time it was difficult, “he said.

“I would have liked to receive the last applause in any game. My last game was the day of Esteban’s (Paredes) historic goal against U at the Monumental. I stay with that, at the last minute, to the U, it was beautiful just the same“, Hill.

Jaime Valdés in his last matches at Colo Colo | Photo: archive

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