Paleontology: Yves Coppens, the discoverer of Australopithecus Lucy, is dead


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Paleontologist Yves Coppens, who contributed to the discovery of Australopithecus Lucy in 1974, died on Wednesday June 22.

Yves Coppens, discoverer of Australopithecus Lucy, died on Wednesday June 22. In November 1974, the paleontologist brought to light, on a construction site in northern Ethiopia, the corpse of an ancestor over three million years old, who had become world famous. “Lucy is therefore a young woman from the Australopithecus group, she is not, zoologically speaking, one of the men”explained Yves Coppens in 1975.

Born in Morbihan, Yves Coppens has traveled the planet to unearth the mysteries of our origins. He devoted his life to tracing the trail of the human species and telling it with his simple and captivating talent. He could thus explain his research to anyone, including children. In addition to being a man of science, the paleontologist Yves Coppens was a fervent defender of the environment and a great humanist.

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