Paludan gets the go-ahead for three new meetings in western Sweden

On 6 May, the Administrative Court in Gothenburg announced that the circumstances previously cited by the police as grounds for refusing Paludan’s permit were serious, but did not constitute such exceptional circumstances that there were grounds for refusing permission.

In the judgment, the court points out that there are opportunities for the police to decide the time and place to ensure order.

– We have looked at it from the point of view of order and safety and come to the conclusion that we can now grant permits in these three places, says Anders Börjesson.

Gothenburg, Trollhättan and Borås

At Frölunda square, permission has been granted for the same place as last time, ie outside the culture house, during the morning tomorrow. In both Borås and Trollhättan, new places apply. For Borås, it is Stadshusparken at lunchtime on Thursday. In Trollhättan, the police have given permission for a new place near the Stallbacka bridge in the late afternoon.

– We are there to ensure public order, at the same time as we safeguard freedom of expression and the opportunity for expressions of opinion, says Anders Börjesson.

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Watch the video for a background on Rasmus Paludan, party leader for the right-wing extremist Tight Course. Photo: TT

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