Pamela Franco breaks into tears LIVE and sends a ‘missile’ to Nilver Huarac: “I’m not going to forgive you for this”

Pamela Franco visited the set of “En Boca de Todos” on Tuesday and was affected by the recent statements of Nílver Huarac, who accused the singer of having withdrawn from “Alma Bella” even though they still had a contract in between.

Tula Rodríguez asked Christian Domínguez’s partner about what happened between her and the producer. “Pamela somehow this situation has been generated because of you, supposedly. You left the group ”, Rodríguez questioned.

Before the consultation, Pamela acknowledged that she did not feel well about what happened, and assured that it would be the last time she referred to the subject.

“I do not feel well, it is the last that I am going to speak something, I will not forgive you because this has been personal”, stated at the beginning. “For you, Nílver Huarac this is a game (…) you know that since you met me that I am a totally different person and if you have treated me differently it is because I have done so. I will not forgive you for this because for me it has been personal ”, Pamela emphasized.

The member of “Puro Sentimiento” said she felt sorry that Christian is being involved in the disagreements with Nilver. “I am sorry because they put Christian in something that has nothing to do with it, but beyond all else he is my partner and obviously he will always take care of me and I will ask him to take care of me and that is why he intervenes in these cases, he said.

Finally, the singer marked distance from Nílver Huarac and said: “I’m not going to forget and I hope you stay well away from me because I stay away from everything bad.”

Pamela Franco responds to Nílver Huárac

Pamela Franco wants Christian Domínguez to be the father of her children.  (Video: America TV)
Pamela Franco wants Christian Domínguez to be the father of her children. null

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