Pamela Franco ‘chanca’ to EADA after Christian elimination: “I did not want him to expose himself to be judged”

Pamela Franco spoke openly about the controversial elimination of Christian Domínguez in the second season of 2021 of The Artist of the Year, after facing Elías Montalvo and losing due to the lack of public support in the voting.

“I’m not happy because I’m going to decorate, they are for other things. I think he left not because of the score, but because of the vote. I didn’t want it to be there because I don’t think you have to expose yourself that way, or even to be judged as a participant or to have to have a bad time, speaking it beautifully “said the former Alma Bella.

Pamela Franco He also referred to all the comments that suggest that Christian Domínguez he was going to be unfaithful in Artist of the Year, just as he did with Karla Tarazona when starting a relationship with Isabel Acevedo.

“The temptations for men and women are not only in that program, on that dance floor … because of everything he has gone through and what has been said … they are everywhere. Christian gets up, goes out to work, is alone all day … If he wants to misbehave, he will do it, it is his decision and he will have to bear the consequences of …, said the singer.

Pamela Franco showed his happiness by removing Christian Domínguez in The Artist of the Year, but he clarified that he loves to see him on stage. I did not want him to be there, I think that despite how much he is criticized, he is a complete artist, he has done everything in his life … he has acted, he is in charge of an orchestra, not only does he go on stage to sing, but he sees everything behind, that surely there are people who do not know “, indicated the now leader of Pure Feeling.

In that sense, he indicated that very few can afford to do everything their partner does. “If I saw him in a program, it would be a jury, he is already there for other things. I admire him a lot but I respect his decisions and I am going to be with him there, but I am happy, I think he is ready for other things ”, she asserted.

Finally, Pamela Franco referred to the tattoo of her face and name that was made Christian Domínguez. “To make that decision is very strong. He told me some words that any woman would want to hear … I love it, I like the tattoo, but it was clearly his decision ”, Indian.

In that sense, he affirmed that it is his image since many considered that the tattoo artist had taken the wrong photo. “I had a photoshoot a long time ago, suddenly I have changed a bit, but it is me”he said with a laugh.

The singer assured that although the full name of Christian Domínguez nor his face, it does have his initials on the skin. “He will always be an important man in my life because he is the father of my daughter and I do not know if she is the only daughter that I will have so she will always be in my heart, whatever happens”, he limited.

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