Pandora Letrain: Talent without taboos

Susuky Cortez Leo/ El Diario

Monday, August 01, 2022 | 07:43

Chihuahua, Chih.- Among the wide variety of networks out there today, the Asian social network TikTok has become extremely popular. The success and popularity of tiktokers, who are content creators within the app, is measured based on the number of fans or followers their account has.

Each tiktoker is characterized by being a celebrity, and Chihuahua could not be left behind. With millions of users around the world, Karla Chacón, better known as Pandora Letrain, is one of the most popular tiktokers, she has become a true influencer, she has 1.3 million followers.

Pandora, 31, has an authentic gothic personality, which has caused a stir on social media, she is admired by millions of people around the world, earning the love and support of all her followers thanks to her naturalness and the content she creates . With her simplicity that characterizes her, she shared in an interview for El Diario how she started her career as an alternative model in 2010 and her arrival in the popular Asian application.

“With all the boom that occurred in the pandemic with social networks, I began to create creative content, but my arrival in this application was with adult content; but over time I realized that with TikTok I could carry out more fun content, I also discovered that grace in me.

“I feel that part of what has led me to make myself known more is that I alone do my production, I am my own photographer, editor, I do absolutely all the work, so through TikTok and the videos I feel that it gave me the ability to see my taste for being behind the cameras as a producer and it is a taste that I had not discovered, I feel that it complements everything I have been doing on social networks for several years, “Pandora said during the interview.

the complicated

He said that without a doubt the most complicated thing was to start creating content for adults, and his family was not aware of it.

“Definitely, the hardest thing to start with adult content, I kept it hidden from my family for five years, the one who saw my photos and my tattoos, I really was not a girl who liked to be very discovered, but when I started I had to do it”.

“I got to a point where I started selling posters, and I had my first Facebook fanpage, I had 150,000 followers, who were from different parts of the world like Europe, so I started like this with alternative modeling with everything like that, what gothic, which is the opposite of conventional modeling, expressing myself as I am, obviously in an artistic way, I have been inspired by European models, it was how people from other parts of the world began to follow me and acquire my posters, which one of they came into the hands of my mother and that’s where I faced the situation.”

Influencer and metalhead at heart

To be a successful tiktoker, a series of characteristics are presupposed: first of all, perseverance, TikTok is a social network where a large amount of content is consumed and users will want it to be published on a daily basis. One of the famous brands that Pandora has worked with is Smirnoff.

“I get many messages where they tell me that they admire me and I motivate them, much of what I want to do, since over time I have been healing from various things that I have experienced, that is why without taboos I expose my life, we all live different things, depressions and anxieties, but you can get out of there, creating your own reality, you can be happy and manifest and promote self-esteem, personal care, right now I lead by example and that people see, that I am transparent and authentic, that my deeds go with my words”.

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