Panther Statue, Return of Modes and Sale – What’s New in GTA Online?

Creators GTA Online toldwhat’s new in the game world. First of all, El Rubio’s safe in Cayo Perico contains a jeweled panther statue that can be targeted during the first playthrough.The Cayo Perico robberies” this week.

Review the footage from the security cameras and, with any luck, you will return home with a heavy bag of treasures. In addition to the loot, you can also get an orange glowing skull – for this you need to complete the finale of “The Heist of Cayo Perico” before December 1.

In addition, modes are returning to GTA Online. “Swarm in overtime”, “Full buzz”, “Warm welcome” and “Slaughter Grass”… And during the week, the first participants will receive double money and reputation points. The same bonuses await those who drive on the cards in “Kart Krash: mayhem¬ĽAnd performing tasks for the yacht.

In honor of the onset of Thanksgiving Day and the upcoming holidays, the developers have prepared a gift for all players – 500 thousand in-game dollars, which can be obtained by simply logging into GTA Online. The funds will be transferred to the Maze Bank account within 3 days from the moment you enter the game after December 2. And, of course, the Black Friday sale kicked off in GTA Online:

From November 26-29, GTA Online will have a Featured Vehicle Sale. In addition, all super-yachts, as well as any improvements, modifications and refurbishments, will receive a 40% discount.

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