Paolo Guerrero asks Ricardo Gareca for a playoff: “For Peru I even play lame”

the silence of Paolo Guerrero has already ended a few days after the call for the peruvian national team, for the playoff heading to Qatar 2022the ‘Predator’ has returned to the scene and in an interview for FIFA Plushas left a message to Ricardo Gareca to reconsider your status on the list of travelers to Barcelona this May 28.

The scorer of the peruvian national team is in Phoenix, finishing his recovery under the supervision of the EXOS team and from a distance he spoke about his possible return to the ‘white-red‘ and sought to strike the most sensitive fibers of Ricardo Gareca.

I have the strength to go through this process, because soccer is my passion. It’s my life. If I don’t play soccer I feel dead. I feel disabled. I don’t know how to explain what it means. It’s my life and it’s impossible to leave it”, said the ‘Predator’ to the Argentine journalist Nicolás Rotnitzky.

Paolo Guerrero and Jefferson Farfán "get off" the plane to Qatar (Photo: @SelecciónPeru)
Paolo Guerrero and Jefferson Farfán “get off” the plane to Qatar (Photo: @SelecciónPeru)

The striker who has spent more than 200 days (six months without playing) feels he hopes to have a chance this May 20 in the Tiger call. “What if I make it to June 13? I kill for my selection. For Peru I even play lame. I am available. I have to be honest with myself: what I want most is to be 100% well and be able to play without any problem.a. But if I get to 13 and I’m in top condition… why not?”, said the ‘Predator’.

In the middle of your confessions Paolo Guerrero He acknowledged that a bad rehabilitation harmed him terribly. “I played again, but I must tell the truth: at that stage I did not have a good recovery. I returned to play with very little time when I shouldn’t have. All this time I was paying for the bad recovery and that took me away from being on the courts again. But that is in the past: now I want to be stronger than before”, he counted with resignation.

Juan Carlos Oblitas makes a confession about Paolo Guerrero (Video: Movisar Deportes)
Juan Carlos Oblitas makes a confession about Paolo Guerrero (Video: Movisar Deportes)

The recovery work Paolo Guerrero He is silent and he met the Argentine journalist who spends almost ten hours in his rehabilitation waiting for the day to return to the fields and the goal. “When I score goals I am the happiest guy in the world. My parents are happy when they see me scoring goals. It is a satisfaction for them. Being at my level amuses me, makes me happy”, He expressed remembering his best moments.

The ‘Predator‘ He dismissed the note with a reflection on the events of this year with the ‘white-red‘. “Life gives you surprises. I sacrifice myself because football is my life. And what I want most is to play soccer”, pointed out the forward.

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