“Papichulo” returned to the adventures

“Papichulo” prowling around the robbed house / video capture

Famous in the criminal environment for the lush record he forged in a few years, the criminal known as “Papichulo” executed a new criminal act last Monday night, demonstrating that his negative record has no ceiling.

A few days ago he had been involved in a particular situation in the area of ​​15 and 77 when he tried to seize some valuables that were inside a vehicle and was discovered by the victim. Although he was detained, a few hours later he was released for being a minor.

Both in social networks and in the different sectors of the region that suffered his misdeeds firsthand, they took it for granted that with the beating he received from the owner of the vehicle, he would “taunt” and stop “complicating people’s lives.”

But those expressions only reached the level of expression of desire since in the last hours, “Papichulo” returned to his adventures. This time, on Calle 80, between 16 and 17.

As if it were a pending matter, the subject returned to undertake it against a shot to seize a series of objects that, according to projections, will most likely be offered on the networks, in the next few hours.

As in the previous episode, the entire sequence was recorded by security cameras in the area. In the clip that was broadcast on Facebook, you can see how the suspect marks the house and makes several passes through the front until he decides to carry out the robbery by jumping the perimeter fence.

According to the victim, after opening the door of his truck, the person involved seized a toolbox and fled through the same place he entered.

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