Paramount+ introduces international originals

Paramount+ wants to take off in the EU, which also entails conditions. Foreign streaming providers are now obliged to include a certain proportion of EU productions in their portfolio. That’s why the company behind Paramount+, ViacomCBS, is investing in local content. Some of his upcoming originals have now been presented.

150 international Paramount+ Originals are to be entered into the race by 2025. As a reminder: From December 2022 you also want to be represented in Germany. Paramount+ should cost us 7.99 euros per month. The following titles are to be included in the offer:

  • Sexy Beasts (UK)
  • A Gentleman in Moscow (UK)
  • The Chemistry of Death (Germany)
  • Los Enviados (The Envoys) (Mexico)
  • Cecilia (Mexico)
  • Bose (Spain)
  • Fallaci (Italy)
  • At Midnight (Mexico)
  • The Signal (France)
  • Impact (France)
  • Murder of God’s Banker (International)
  • Marie Antoinette Serial Killer (France)
  • A Thin Line (Germany)
  • The Sheikh
  • Circeo (Italy):
  • Sinaloa’s First Lady (Mexico)
  • One Must Die (Mexico)

Unfortunately, there are currently no start dates for the formats. Paramount will certainly provide us with further information in the coming months.

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