Parenting: My child disrespected me, what do I do?

The absence of limits, the lack of dialogue and aggressive family behavior they cause the child to lose respect for the parents. “Boys are impulsive by nature and need a learning process to slow them down. If mom and dad don’t set limits, rules, or sanctions at home, their children will want to impose wrong behaviors and they will disrespect their elders, many times without understanding that this is wrong “, says the psychologist and psychotherapist Walter Hinojosa.

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If your little one is on that path, these tips can help you correct it:

♦ Stay calm. Don’t impose your superiority through yelling, punishment, or threats. How are you going to pretend that your son does not disrespect you if you do the same with him. This does not mean that you will let this behavior go, wait for it to calm down and you remain calm to start the dialogue.

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♦ Think about what this aggressiveness hides. Ask yourself the following: is your child asking for more attention? Are you setting a good example? Is something worrying him and you don’t know? This will make you understand the child and can face the situation together.

♦ Establish clear rules of coexistence. Along with this, the consequences or sanctions for a lack of respect must also be agreed.

♦ Show respect. Example is the best way to teach.

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If your children throw objects on the ground or at others as a sign of anger, that is no longer a simple tantrum, it is disrespectful. Don’t let it pass, correct it.


Teasing Children: How Does This Behavior Affect Their Development?

Work on empathy with them so they don’t hurt others with their jokes. Do not stop controlling this behavior in your children, as it greatly affects their emotional development and social skills.

If you don’t know how to approach the subject, you can help yourself with stories that talk about teasing. Look for one on the internet, it can be a fable, a video, an audio. Photos: iStock.

Fathers and sons. Have you noticed that your child makes fun of his friends? Do not think that it is part of his growth, it is actually a behavior that he has learned at home and that, if you do not correct it now, it can cause problems in the next stages of his life.

“The child is not aware that his teasing can seriously affect the self-esteem of others. They think that it is just a game, so it is necessary for parents to correct this learned behavior and help the child to develop empathy. If you don’t, you won’t be able to develop your social skills and eventually you won’t have friends. “, warns Manuel Saravia, psychologist and psychotherapist at the Guestalt Institute in Lima.


♦ Every time you see him tease someone, take him to another room in the house and talk to him. It is not recommended that you do it in front of others, since the child can be embarrassed and that is not the idea.

♦ If you don’t know how to approach the subject, you can help yourself with stories that talk about teasing. Look for one on the internet, it can be a fable, a video, an audio … Use the resource that you think is most convenient.

Avoid making fun of people, especially when your little one is present. When he listens to you, he will think that this behavior is normal and will replicate it.

Did you know…

The minor also tends to make fun of others when before he has been the victim of the derision of others (now he uses it as a defense mechanism) or wants to get your attention.


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