Parenting: ‘My son won’t put his cell phone down at all, what do I do?’

“My son walks all day with his cell phone, it is as if it were an extension of his hand. Not even at lunch does he let go. I already talked to him and he ignores me. I don’t know how to handle the situation.”. Wilma, 42 years old.

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Thanks to easy access to the Internet, most teens are glued to their cell phones all day, whether it’s updating their profile on social networks, viewing photos or videos, or commenting on their friends’ posts. For the psychologist and psychotherapist Walter Dávila More It is not bad that the adolescent uses technology to entertain himself, the problem arises when it becomes an addictive behavior.

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“We can talk about addiction when the boy begins to experience anxiety disorders, nervousness, aggressiveness, as well as stress pictures by not having the mobile, his most precious object, in his hands. This is a serious problem that must be treated by the parents immediately and, if possible, with psychological therapy.suggests the expert.


♦Encourage him to do outdoor activities with you or his friends. They can go biking, skating, to the beach, for a walk… look for that hobby that you like.

♦Remind him to do his houseworksuch as making your bed, washing the dishes you use, tidying your clothes, taking your pet for a walk.

♦If he doesn’t listen to anything you say, seek help. When there is an addiction, the presence of a psychologist is necessary to guide him and you.


♦Make it clear that the cell phone will not be used when you are in the dining room, when you are doing your homework or when you are together as a family. Preach by example.

♦Establish schedules for him to use the mobile at home and you also respect them, remember that the boys follow your example.


Do not grab the device abruptly or say in a military voice: ‘You will not use it again, I said!’ This tactic will not work, you will only waste your time and reinforce their rebellion.


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