Parliamentary leaders believe that Morena’s Plan B is a political revenge

The Mexican parliament has considered that “Plan B” of the electoral reform of BrunetteIt is a “political revenge”. According to a recent one, the proposal that would prohibit directors from holding positions for 10 years also seeks to punish Lorenzo Córdova and Ciro Murayama, who did not bow down to the president.

“You cannot restrict anyone’s constitutional right to work in article 4. We understand that there must be a period of not relating to substances, but, for a decade? Well, what do you want them to eat?” Jorge Romero explained.

For his part, Jorge Romero, the coordinator of the PAN in San Lázaro, says that the opposition does not have the numbers to oppose Plan B of Brunettebut that they will say “no” to the pro-democratic reform.

Morena’s Plan B proposals are ambiguous and superfluous

Morena's Plan B proposals are ambiguous and superfluous

Morena’s Plan B proposals are ambiguous and superfluous

On the other hand, the PRD leader, Luis Espinosa Cházaro, thinks that there is a very clear sign of political revenge, which seems more like a punishment, since he maintains that there is no reason to punish former councilors so that they cannot continue holding political office.

“It is only to hit the president of the INE politically, it is not a reform that improves democratic life in our country. How does it benefit Mexico that a former director cannot hold another position in 10 years? We should be seeing how the democratic life of the country is improved and not how the officials in turn are harmed,” said Luis Espinosa.

Meanwhile, the coordinator of the Citizen Movement, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, said that Plan B of Morona and his allies has unconstitutional features because it affects the functions of the INE

“Morena always has two alternatives: her plan A is always to modify the Constitution and her plan B is always to violate the Constitution, and they have, unfortunately, had the consent of the SCJN to do so,” said Jorge Álvarez.

Jorge Álvarez also stressed that not all the changes he proposes Brunette before the laws, they may be approved, that is why he plans to continue fighting against the announcement of violating the constitution.

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Opposition senators talk about Morena’s proposal

Opposition senators talk about Morena's proposal

Opposition senators talk about Morena’s proposal

Finally, The Truth News informs you that the opposition senators have warned that the proposal for Brunette to prevent ex-counselors from holding positions in the public administration has no support or legal validity.

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