Paro: “Juric doesn’t want to waste energy in discussions. Market? Everyone knows what we need “

At the end of Turin-Palermo 3-0, Ivan Juric did not appear at the press conference but his deputy Matteo Paro

After Turin-Palermo 3-0, Ivan Juric did not appear at the press conference as usual but in his place there is deputy Matteo Paro: “The coach is very focused on the technical aspect, on coaching the boys and does not want to waste energy on various discussions. That’s why I’m here today, to comment on the technical aspect of the match. A lot has been said about everything concerning the market, everyone knows what we need, the dialogue with society is continuous ”.

Juric: “The sooner we have the new players, the better”

On the match: “In the first half we were a bit too eager, this led us to be a little too messy on the pitch and we suffered a few restarts. In the second half we adjusted, we calmed down the guys who built more and did well ”.

On the market: “We have lost 8 important players and we have to replace them, we as staff are working on the pitch and waiting for news. Every coach and every staff needs time to build something, so the sooner we have new players the better ”.

Paro then spoke of Radonjic: “Radonjic is a player who has played in imported teams, has the qualities of a great player, has inspiration, technique, shooting, many weapons at his disposal to be dangerous. But he has to improve in some respects ”.

Juric: “Izzo out for technical choice”

On Buongiorno and Seck: “Good morning he has made a good journey, he works a lot, he is very concentrated and then he exalts himself in the game. We rely heavily on it. On Seck he still played little and trained little, he needs to improve in the finalization phase, I hope it takes a little while to grow. He must also find a balance and stability ”.

Finally on the many not called up and on Milinkovic-Savic: “Izzo, Zaza and Verdi not summoned? For all of them it was a technical choice to not call them. Milinkovic-Savic owner? He had done well in the pre-season and today we decided to bet on him, already last year there was a dualism with Berisha and we continue like this ”.

Matteo Paro
Matteo Paro

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