Parraguez gets excited about the fight in the Colo Colo attack

Javier Parraguez has taken the great opportunity to be the starting striker of Colo Colo, considering that Iván Morales is with the Chilean Selection So what It will be a couple of days outside the Cacique complying with the sanitary measures. This opened the door for the attacker to take advantage of the minutes on the court, where it was even one of the vital pieces in the triumph over O’Higgins scoring one of the goals of the match.

The forward addressed the media on Friday at the press conference at the Monumental Stadium, where he was consulted about the near possibility that Facundo Ferreyra arrive at the institution at waiting for the exams to be held in Argentina to reach our country.

“You always have to be available for when they occupy you. The desire will always be there. Whether they bring someone or not, you have to always be prepared for when it’s your turn to play “, the attacker highlighted the popular cadre.

But that was not all, since he also took advantage of the instance of wanting to fight for the position in the Cacique and not leave the club despite being in the portfolio of other teams. “Wanting to fight her. Knowing that nothing is easy and the more it costs the more it is enjoyed. That was one of the things that made me want to stay the most. It is a dream to raise the glass with the club “.

In addition, he took the time to highlight the sporty present of Luciano Arriagada with the squad, taking the positive points with his call to the selection in the Copa América that allowed him to arrive much more mature at the institution.

“Luciano has grown a lot. The trip to the national team served him a lot. It is much more mature. It helps me and Ivan so that we don’t let ourselves be. This is a competition and so it will always be. If one is not well, another will play. It serves us for a place in the front of the team ”.

About the final that the team achieved by defeating Everton in the Chile Cup, the forward stressed that “It is taken very well, with a lot of enthusiasm. Raising the cup a few days ago and having a victory a few days later makes the final stretch very good. It was not remembered how long ago Colo Colo had the option of lengthening the distance in the lead. We are happy and excited to face the remainder of the tournament “.

Finally, the Viñamarino painting is the Cacique’s next rival so they already know at a certain point the style of play presented by the team led by Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image, so it will be a much more complicated game than last weekend.

“It is a double-edged sword to know both an opponent and for them to know you. It’s going to be a nice game against Everton. You have to stay focused and try to repeat the good we did in the previous game against them ”.

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