Parraguez wants to continue being a blessed person this afternoon in Copa Chile

Colo Colo goes to the Fiscal de Talca court to seek the glory of the Chile Cup, facing Everton from Viña del Mar in the very final of the traditional Creole contest starting at 4:30 p.m.

One who has his place in Gustavo Quinteros’ starting team is Javier Parraguez, a forward that he Last year he scored key goals for the Cacique’s permanence in the First Division, but that without a doubt It has lost a lot of prominence this season.

The buffalo has barely played seven games this football year, without yet being able to score a goal. However, how much with the confidence of Quinteros, who will send it from the start before the routers in a contest where he has a special taste for converting.

Parraguez in total, according to data provided by SoccerWay, hHe has scored 70 goals throughout his career. Of those 70 annotations 10 have been with the Cacique shirt, a club that he has defended since the beginning of 2019.

It is in Copa Chile that these numbers stand out, since half of his goals with the albos have been made in this contest, finding its highest point in the 2019 edition, where he was the top scorer of the tournament with five goals and becoming the final against U in Temuco.

Javier Parraguez scored in the final of the Copa Chile 2019 against U. | Photo: UNO Agency.

In total they are eleven goals that Parraguez has converted in this traditional Chilean competition, scoring five with the Cacique, five with Huachipato and one with the Puerto Montt shirt.

Let’s all hope that the Buffalo can convert this afternoon against Everton to maintain this healthy habit of celebrating in the Chile Cup. Gustavo Quinteros at least thinks so by including him in the starting eleven.

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