Pass of arms between NUPES and RN: Anne-Sophie Lapix reframes her guests (VIDEO)

Clémentine Autain of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (NUPES) and Laure Lavalette (RN) were the guests of the Legislative evening of France 2. They were cropped by Anne-Sophie Lapix.

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End of the Legislative this evening on all the major channels with several special evenings. If the first results show a clear decline for Ensemble (with around 220 seats), the group led by La République en Marche and the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, we have also seen the arrival in large numbers of new deputies from the National Rally – about 90 – as well as those from the NUPES, the alliance bringing together the main parties of the left, pointing to nearly 150 seats. Results which make the spirits heat up in particular on the set, as shown by the violent pass of arms between Clémentine Autain, of France Insoumise, and Laure Lavalette, spokesperson for Marine Le Pen. A clash that led Anne-Sophie Lapix to a very clear cropping.

Do not redo the debate

The altercation between the two politicians finally started quite quickly when Anne Sophie Lapix asked Clémentine Autain if she could ally with the government according to the text carried by the government. But this one is cut off by Laure Lavalette: “Retirement I think at 65 since you voted for them…”, she says. Immediate response from the LFI representative: “In fact you have decided to embark on a career in comedy?”, she wonders. The tone then begins to rise, the second accusing the first of asserting things “false”. Faced with a dubious Anne-Sophie Lapix, the two guests then begin to violently tear themselves apart on the proposals of each of the two parties., returning the ball. But it is not to the taste of the journalist, who then puts an end to the pass of arms: “We will not be able to redo the debate between two rounds”, she corrects, before quickly giving the floor to Laurent Delahousse, his sidekick on this legislative evening.

Not a first for Anne-Sophie Lapix

It’s not not the first time that Anne-Sophie Lapix reframes her guests live. During the presidential election, she had notably taken up very clearly Valérie Pecresse, then candidate of the Republicans, evoking a “very scalable program“, and while the politician was showing bad faith. Same observation a few weeks later, this time against Marine Le Pen who was the guest of the 20 hours of France 2, where the journalist had criticized former presidential loser to have a “lack of ambition”, creating annoyance on set. Finally, last week, it was Stéphane Le Foll, who had been cropped in turn after remarks deemed sexist during a debate against his opponent Sandrine Rousseau to whom the former elected PS had asked to “to calm down”.

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