Pastel colors and light wood: this is how Vero Lozano decorated the kitchen of her luxurious mansion

Just as she is seen on television every day, always impeccable and glamorous, so is the house of Vero Lozano. In the residence located in San Isidro that she shares with her husband, Jorge “Corcho” Rodríguez, and her daughter, Antonia, the spaces keep a particular style.

The host of “Cortá por Lozano” maintains a line of decoration throughout the mansion. in the home of Vero Lozano pastel colors abound, as well as details of style in the lamps, the soft armchairs and the large number of works of art that populate the walls of your home.

A panoramic view of the kitchen.

Vero Lozano chose to do a remodeling in a sector of the house during the quarantine: where he had a winter garden, he decided to set up an additional daily dining room and from there he has a wonderful view of the courtyard and the park.

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