Pato Yáñez and the classic: "They saw Colo Colo’s shirt and they shitted whole"

The Superclásico was again for Colo Colo and the repercussions continue in the Chilean football environment. Now it was the turn of a former Cacique who is the authorized voice to talk about classics.

Patricio Yáñez, champion of the Copa Libertadores, referred to the match very true to his style. Without hairs on the tongue, he had no problem saying a very popular idiom in Chile to describe the duel in a certain way.

“There is a question of attitude and integrity, yesterday they entered the field, they saw the Colo Colo shirt and they shit themselves. It’s that simple. These same players and technicians have had games with claw. The U is not a team of dead people, It has a good team, but when you look at the team in front and everything you know how to do or have as your own self-love falls to you, there is no explanation. There is something else “, expressed in Sports in Agriculture.

About Colo Colo added that, “There was good work De Fuentes and Gil, they supported what the U was trying to do in the middle. They did not allow contact with Larrivey and the U did not arrive”.

Patricio Yáñez and the Superclásico

It is worth mentioning that Pato Yáñez played in both teams, however where he is identified is with the Colo Colo shirt, where he won the aforementioned Copa Libertadores in 1991.

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