Pato Yáñez on Quinteros: “He’s already flat, he’s pissed off”

Colo Colo suffered a painful loss at home to Cobresal for the nineteenth round of the National Championship. Despite arriving as favorites and controlling a large part of the match, the albos did not know how to find the spaces to reach the rival goal and ended up losing the match in a quick attack by the visitor who found the alba defense a bad stop.

Once the game was over, the issue of reinforcements was installed again in the Monumental press room, Gustavo Quinteros was emphatic in reiterating that he needs to replace the players who left to have a squad with which he can fight the title at the end of the game. season.

For Patricio Yáñez, former Cacique player and American Champion in 1991, the DT’s arguments are valid and he empathized with the strategist. “He’s already flat, he’s pissed off (Quinteros). He is very clear that with what he has, he is not enough. You have to have a good read, because he is the technician. One may consider that he has more than enough squad, but he finds that he lacks a pepero, a 9, a Tobías Figueroa that when Antofagasta picks up the ball, he wins them all ”, began by saying Pato.

“He assumes that playing with so many boys is not going to get anywhere and attributes, although he does not make it clear, that what happened yesterday happens precisely because he did not have the men to replace those who left, not to reinforce. One who comes to the place of Martín Rodríguez and the pepero that he has always been asking for ”, added.

To end by saying that “There is a subject that he has already said in all football tones and languages ​​referring to the subject, hinting at things, but all he wants is a pepero and a man on the outside”, Hill.

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