Pato Yáñez still hot because of the “ooso” that Ferreyra made us

Facundo Ferreyra left the leadership of Colo Colo planted last Friday at the closing of the ANFP pass book, rejecting the Cacique’s offer after reaching an agreement for being the brand new center forward of the team.

Fortunately, it was possible to fasten within minutes of the closing of the book you pass the name of Venezuelan Christian Santos, who will finally be the 9 that Gustavo Quinteros has been waiting for so long on the popular bench.

However, one who does not forget Ferreyra’s ugly gesture with Colo Colo is Patricio Yáñez, who in his capacity as a commentator ended up thanking that a player did not arrive who lied as blatantly as Chucky did.

The 1991 Copa Libertadores champion with the albos stated in Sports in Agriculture that “I understand that the player lied, that he used Colo Colo. I have an audio that they don’t allow me to air, but I’m going to see if we can do it, because ultimately Colo Colo did things well ”.

“They practically had an oral agreement, they were sending the contract agreements in writing to be able to have the visa, the authorization and finalize everything later”Yáñez added.

In that sense, the commenter released without filter that “Luckily a player did not come who lies to you, who basically uses you, that’s the word. But hey, that’s football ”.

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