Patricia Bullrich had no filters and told what her plan is to defeat Kirchnerism

The head of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, continues to build her campaign to gain support for her ambitions to obtain the Presidency of the Nation in 2023.

Beyond the internal disputes that he has within macrismo, and his fight with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, he also outlines his plan to confront Kirchernismo.

The former Minister of Security, when participating in a virtual chat with followers, launched on the Frente de Todos: “The first thing to do is divide them.”

“I think that a new defeat of Kirchnerism, if that happens, what will happen, let’s hope, we have to work, we don’t have to take anything for granted, it can separate those who call themselves Kirchnerists from those who always say ‘no, but I I was always a Peronist,'” Bullrich clarified.

And, in this sense, he asked: “Find in the governors and in some mayors and in some trade unionists people with whom you can make agreements on the condition that they comply, not that it is buying time so that our government loses the possibility of change”.

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