Patricio Graff spied on Colo Colo at the Monumental

The defeat of Colo Colo for the minimum account before Ñublense by the 23rd date of the National Championship he had a special “fan” in the stands of the Monumental stadium, since the coach of our next rival which will be Palestinian, Patricio Graff arrived at the sports venue and saw the fall of the Eternal Champion in situ.

Graff was one of 9,945 people who made it to the stadium and He was in the Ocean tribune like one more fan, but the assertive eye of Dale Or, he caught him as he was spying on the Cacique on the ground, who could not violate the resistance of goalkeeper Nicola Pérez, who was the figure of commitment.

Surely the coach took more than one idea for the house and to put into practice in the training that the Arabs will have this Friday, for the game that will be played this Sunday from 3:30 p.m. at the Municipal stadium of La Cisterna .

Graff among the white fans. (Photo: Sebastián Munizaga)

Colo Colo will now turn the page and begin to prepare the commitment against the Arabs where he will seek to return to the victories to continue at the top of the National Championship.

The technician was present at La Ruca. (Photo: Sebastián Munizaga)

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