Patricio Yáñez applauds Juan Martín Lucero’s level: “It’s really superlative for Chilean football”

The champion of America with Colo Colo in 1991 analyzed the great game of the Cat in the Superclásico against Universidad de Chile, where he registered with a double.

Lucero has eleven goals in the current 2022 National Championship.
© Colo Colo.Lucero has eleven goals in the current 2022 National Championship.

Juan Martín Lucero was one of the great figures of Colo Colo in the 3-1 victory over Universidad de Chile, registering with a double and being key to Leonardo Gil’s transitory 2-1 in Superclásico 192 played in the Fiscal de Talca .

This performance is supported by a great 2022 of the Cat with the Colo Colo shirt, where in addition to goals he is contributing with several assists and key movements in the team, being that center forward that was sought for so long in the Monumental Stadium.

One who analyzed this good present from Lucero in the Cacique was Patricio Yáñez, who in his capacity as a commentator on Radio Agriculture stated that “Lucero’s soccer plan is really superlative for Chilean soccer, not only in goals, but in how he contributes to the team. A player with great performance, who also uses space well”.

“It is a question that is always in motion, it is not static and searching, but it is always where I can contribute to be an option for the one who brings the ball and puts diagonals. He said it, that was asked by Quinteros, that he have more mobility inside the area and the truth is that he does it well”, he added.

Gato Lucero has 19 goals and his five assists in this 2022 season. In the local tournament he accumulates eleven goals and is only one behind Fernando Zampedri, the current top scorer in the tournament with 12 goals.

The Cacique’s next challenge will be for the date 21 of the tournament, facing Deportes Antofagasta at the Monumental Stadium on Sunday, August 7 from 6:15 p.m. Will he be able to convert Lucero again and catch the UC attacker?

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