Paulo Garcés signed with Deportes Valdivia

Some time ago, the former goalkeeper of Colo Colo, Paulo Garces he surprised everyone by announcing his sudden departure from San Luis de Quillota. Many thought it would be the retirement of football, however, the goal was given a new opportunity and was presented as a brand new reinforcement of Deportes Valdivia, cast that militates in the Second Professional Division.

At 37, Garcés wants to re-enchant himself with football and also wants to fulfill a family dream, for the same reason, he decided to return to the activity.

I want my youngest son to have the notion that his father entered a soccer field. It is one of the things that we talk about in the family and we made the decision to come, because I want to re-enchant myself with football, in a super difficult division and return, God willing, to high competition in the near future“, he commented to RedGol.

Garcés, who played between 2014 and 2017 in Colo Colo and was champion, said he is happy with this new opportunity he has in professionalism and assured that the goal is to return to the first division.

Garcés returns to professionalism. (Photo: Agency One)

“Happy to return, to train again, to feel what it is to play, what the dressing room is, everything that I missed in these almost four months without activity, with a club that opened its doors for me from day one. I am also very happy to get dressed again in shorts and to be able to perform in what I love the most in my life, which is playing soccer, “said Garcés.

“The first time that I will be in that division, as well as the first time that I was in the Primera B. So it is an important challenge, of a lot of effort and sacrifice. I come alone, I had to leave my family for school issues, for issues of where to live. I have a 3-month-old son so it is a very big family sacrifice, both for my wife and for me “, concluded the goalkeeper.

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