Paunovic's promise to the fans after losing to America

Paunovic’s promise to the fans after losing to America

With the defeat in the Clásico Nacional, Club Deportivo Guadalajara records two consecutive defeats in the Clausura 2023 tournament, but despite this, the Serbian coach of the rojiblanco team does not give up and has offered an apology to the fans at a press conference where he promised that the team will recover from this moment.

“I would like to apologize to our wonderful fans for this defeat, they have been excellent in supporting the team. They gave us support and that served to try to tie again and win the game back, but I promise we will be excited again”

Veljko Paunovic.

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At the end of the game, the ‘little‘ He received expulsion and will miss the next match, although it is a situation that will be reviewed, so he let it be known Paunovićwho considered that ‘little‘ had an accumulation of situations during the game that led to his expulsion, but explained that sometimes the cards are drawn deliberately.

“It’s a very emotional game and when these things happen I think there’s an accumulation of things that have arisen during the game. I think there is a foul on Rubén González, very typical fouls in this type of play, the player who accidentally trips him is the one who scores the goal and I think that things begin to accumulate there that end up with Víctor’s upset at the end of the party That type of accumulation at the end is difficult to control, we are going to investigate what happened because I think that cards are drawn very easily here ”, he pointed out.

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