Pavez does not hide Colo Colo's concern: "If we play like this we won't pass the round in Libertadores"

Pavez does not hide Colo Colo’s concern: “If we play like this we won’t pass the round in Libertadores”

Captain Esteban Pavez is self-critical of Colo Colo’s performance and does not hide his concern with the start of the Copa Libertadores.

Colo Colo wants to turn the page and leave the defeat with Cobresal in the past. Captain Esteban Pavez stood up to the poor performance that the Cacique’s first team showed on the field and where he showed his concern with the game that the squad has, considering that the start of the Copa Libertadores is just around the corner .

Esteban Pavez worried about the start of the Copa Libertadores.

The midfielder spoke after the match was over at the El Cobre Stadium in El Salvador, where he was categorical in showing his self-criticism about how Colo Colo is playing, in which there is also a degree of anxiety about meeting his rivals for the group stage of the South American contest and the mentality of advancing to the next round.

Obviously that worries because we are close to the Copa Libertadores. The other week the draw will begin to come out. We are very anxious but we know that we all have to raise the level because otherwise we are going to have a very bad time and we are very eager and excited to go to the next round, but if we are with this football we will not go through ”.

Along the same lines, the midfielder and team captain added that “We are very self-critical and we have to work these two weeks to get to the match with Huachipato well and start winning to be a regular team”.

The truth is that, regarding the defeat, he emphasized the very poor football moment that they show on the pitch. “I said it a little while ago on TV, I leave with a pretty good feeling… Oh! I don’t know how to explain it because it hurts a lot for me personally because we came to look for the three pointswe knew that we have one game less with Huachipato, we thought about winning this one and the other one to get to the top”.

In addition, he considered that “We did not have fluid football. We are missing a lot in the last half, we had passes to play and everything, but we couldn’t create clear scoring chances. Partly defensive I think we made very serious mistakes. They came to us two or three times in the first half and Cortés was extraordinary, otherwise they would have scored two more goals”.

The concrete thing is that the footballer also contemplated that “It is a pity what happened, it is a pretty hard defeat and we know that we have to continue working, it is not an excuse, but we have to continue working and giving a little more because we have to raise the level of this Colo Colo”.

However, he spoke of the concentration that the team has lost and that the errors that were witnessed on the pitch happen there. “Errors go through deconcentration. In these last two games the team played quite concentrated. Today the three goals they scored against us were set pieces and that means a lot to be focused, involved in the game and I think that doesn’t happen. They were goals that, if you think about it, were amateur football”.

Finally, he pointed out that “I give you the first goal that can happen in a corner, but the other two… We have to keep working, turn the page, keep going because we know we are in Colo Colo, we have to win and fight for the championship.”

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