Pay attention! 6 tips to save water in summer

The high summer temperatures cause Peruvian households to increase water consumption, generating a waste of 120 million liters of water in Lima alone, according to data from the National Superintendence of Sanitation Services (Sunass).

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For Antonio Cotera, Pavco Wavin specialist, one of the main reasons that causes the waste of water is the poor condition of the home pipes, for this reason, he recommended constantly checking the water connections. It is important not only to have adequate plumbing installations, but also to carry out proper maintenance. According to Sedapal, a broken pipe wastes 22,000 liters of water per month, while 150,000 liters are lost in a toilet in poor condition.

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To avoid this unnecessary expense during the hottest season of the year, the specialist gives us some easy and cheap tips to reduce water consumption:

1. Take short showers

Don’t let the water run while you soap or shampoo. The World Health Organization recommends bathing within 5 minutes to save water.

2. Use spray showers

These items that are easily found in hardware stores give the sensation of a greater flow of water, using fewer liters.

3. Reuse water

For example, wash fruits and vegetables in a bucket and then use the water in the garden or toilet.

4. Thaw food at room temperature

Not using water to thaw food will help avoid wasting the resource.

5. Water the plants at night

During the day, the heat causes the water to evaporate faster and you have to water more frequently.

6. Use the washing machine at its maximum capacity

Filling the washing machine completely with clothes, reducing the number of times the appliance is used, will reduce water consumption.

“There is a large number of people in the world who do not have water in their homes, it is important to educate citizens in the correct use of this natural resource”, indicated the specialist.


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