Pay attention to the teacher: What are the benefits provided by mutuals?

How are my dear students? I am not going to lie to you, I have already seen several in vacation mode or thinking about the end of the year parties, but let me remind you that we still have classes to learn everything related to the “Protection Plan Labor ”and the benefits of the insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases of Law No. 16,744. Voucher?

I know that, at this time of the year, there are already several of us (and I include myself) who are pending of thousands of things that happen in the final stretch of the calendar, but as a teacher, I cannot miss the opportunity to reinforce a central theme of our classes and I mean the benefits offered by job security to workers in the country. For this reason, today I come to explain to you with pears and apples what are the benefits provided by mutuals?

To answer this question, you must first be clear that everyone has the right to develop a safe job, which eliminates or significantly reduces the sources of risks that are present in their activity. In this context, labor security, which is part of social security, is intended to protect workers from occupational accidents or diseases and to fulfill this purpose are mutual societies, private, non-profit institutions, whose The role is to administer the compulsory insurance for occupational accidents and diseases (Law 16,744).

Workers (regardless of their contractual status) who access the coverage of the Insurance for Work Accidents, commuting and / or occupational disease, through mutuals are entitled to the following services:

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