Payday 2 has received two new expansions

Swedish highlight Payday 2 has now been expanded with two new additions as part of the City of Gold campaign, namely The Black Cat Heist and The Mega City Tailor Pack. These two are out now and give you new goodies like a new mission and a lot of cosmetics.

The Black Cat Heist takes place on a yacht on its way from the USA to China, and here the Payday gang will strike at the income of the Golden Daggers Triad by emptying the ship’s huge vault of its riches.

As for The Mega City Tailor Pack, this is a cosmetic package that offers a bunch of new outfits like Cyberhoodie (available in black, red, yellow and green variants) and Cybertrench (available in dark, red / white-striped, yellow and green) . There is also a new mask and some new gloves included in this supplement, both of which also have a variety of color variations.

In connection with the launch, Starbreeze and Overkill will also be giving away the Dragon Bomber Red equipment free of charge to all owners of Payday 2. The Black Cat Heist will be yours for $ 6.99, while The Mega City Tailor Pack will cost 2.99.

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