PBB 2022: Doreen Steinert talks about eating disorders

How’s the fourth day in the realms? A lot of waste oil was dumped in the garage. Doreen Increaseswho once had a number-one hit with ‘pop star’ casting band Nu Pagadi and their debut single ‘Sweetest Poison,’ admitted she’s choked on less sweet poisons since then: toxic relationship, bulimic attacks, anorexia, loneliness.

Everyone’s heart softened over so much confession and strength, especially that of – of all people – the gnarly, growling Katy Karrenbauer (formerly “Behind Bars”). “A story that does something to you,” she sobbed sympathetically. But at least: Doreen fought her way out of it, which not only Micaela Schäfer (“Doren is a strong woman.”) thinks is great and exemplary.

The friends of the well-groomed jungle adventure did not find that particularly exemplary Jay Khan back then (2011) in the Australian bush in the romance thicket with Indira Weis – because the liaison between lianas was totally fake at the time, because it was said to have been agreed. And – whoops – it wasn’t that! Sports commentator Jörg Dahlmann, who is also very familiar with the wrong sayings about sexy women at the wrong time since December 2020, lured the pure truth out of the ex-boy band singer.

According to Jay, there couldn’t have been an agreement because “I didn’t know the lady personally and hadn’t exchanged a word with her until the day we got there.” And anyway, it’s stupid that you’re still being asked about the old camels after a decade. But that has to be over now, right? Dahlmann: “No, I don’t think so.”

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