Pedro Castillo: “Coups d’état, whatever their modality or the power that drives them, are illegitimate”

The president of the Republic, peter castlespoke out against any coup attempt against his government by another power, as he asserted that this violates the will of the people.

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This Tuesday, during his participation in the general debate of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly, the head of state emphasized the respect that must exist for the will of the citizenry, which is reflected in the elections .

Democracy presupposes the existence of political positions, of those opposite political positions, that is what freedom consists of. But in democratic governance there is respect for freedom and above all for the popular will. Coups d’état, whatever their modality or the state power that drives them, are illegitimate. They attempt against the sovereign expression of the popular will, in the same way as in external crises”, he stated.

In this sense, Castillo Terrones argued that any governance crisis that exists in a country must be resolved through dialogue between the powers of the State.

Any governance crisis or confrontation between the powers of the State must be resolved through dialogue and agreement and full respect for the electoral results. The Inter-American Democratic Charter, which is Peru’s contribution to democracy in the Americas, emphatically states so”, he expressed.

Finally, President Pedro Castillo emphasized that Peru is working on an agenda that prioritizes social inclusion for the benefit of all, but especially the most vulnerable.

The agenda of social inclusion in Peru is that of the new social pact that the United Nations wants for all the peoples of the world. An agenda that prioritizes leaving no one behind and an inclusion that materializes for the benefit of all, especially the poorest and most vulnerable”, he pointed out.

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