Pedro Castillo: Meet the six new ministers of his Ministerial Cabinet and those who continue

President Pedro Castillo swore in six new members of his Ministerial Cabinet this Friday, August 5, at the Government Palace.

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The formation of the cabinet will now continue to be led by Aníbal Torres, after the president reported on Twitter that he rejected his resignation letter.

In that sense, these are the changes in the Ministerial Cabinet:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Miguel Rodríguez Mackay
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance: Óscar Graham
  • Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion: Alejandro Salas
  • Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation: César Paniagua Chacón
  • Ministry of Culture: Betssy Chavez
  • Ministry of Transport and Communications: Geiner Alvarado

The ministers who continue in the new cabinet are:

  • Ministry of Health: Jorge Antonio López Peña
  • Ministry of the Environment: Modesto Montoya
  • Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism: Roberto Sánchez
  • Ministry of Justice and Human Rights: Félix Chero
  • Ministry of Production: Jorge Luis Prado Palomino
  • Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations: Diana Miloslavich
  • Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation: Andrés Alencastre
  • Ministry of Energy and Mines: Alessandra Herrera
  • Ministry of the Interior: Willy Huerta Olivos
  • Ministry of Defense: José Luis Gavidia Carrasco Arrascue
  • Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion: Dina Boluarte
  • Ministry of Education: Rosendo Serna

Aníbal Torres and his resignation

This Wednesday, August 3, the head of the Ministerial Cabinet, Hannibal Torressent a letter to President Castillo, where he made his position available.

I take this opportunity to thank you for the trust placed in me, first as Minister of Justice, and then as Prime Minister”, the document reads.

The prime minister said at the time that he is retiring from office after having served, jointly with President Castillo, to “our country, especially to the most neglected and forgotten people”.

Today I have to return to the university classrooms with my students, and return to what I missed the most: legal research”, he added. Finally, President Castillo rejected his resignation and will continue in office.


These were the statements of the “fathers of the country” after hearing Pedro Castillo’s speech.

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