Pedro Castillo: Your Government has problems in management and public management

Considering that the holders of the different State portfolios should be more articulated with the same Council of Ministers and with the Head of State, who should be at the head, the economist Hugo Cabieses pointed out that there is a problem in the management and administration public in the government of the president Pedro Castillo.

“That there is a problem in public management and administration is a truism. That is what is happening, because there is not yet and perhaps partially there is a greater State; that is, a set of ministers articulated through the Council of Ministers with the President of the Republic at the head ”, he said.

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Cabieses added the following: “The President of the Republic does not respond to any party, that simple, although he is formally registered in Peru Libre, but the President of the Republic is the President of the Republic, and, as such, he is who should command and should have leadership ”.

Likewise, he indicated that it is evident that the Castillo government has been formed by fragments, between these Peru Libre and New Peru. He argued that when the Ministerial Cabinet was formed, an alliance cabinet was actually formed.

“I have the hypothesis that this is a government made up of pieces. Initially there were two pieces that became four. Initially there was an agreement signed between President Castillo and Together for Peru. And within Together for Peru, for the New Peru movement… When the Ministerial Cabinet was formed, an alliance cabinet was actually formed. This is something that we must all understand well, because all previous governments have been alliance governments. It’s that simple, it is not a novelty. That now the left makes an alliance government is a mortal sin for the people of the right and for those who want to overthrow Castillo, “he said.


At another time, Cabieses specified that there is an alliance of at least four sectors of the left that make up and support the government. Although he said that he does not think it bad that the Executive is made on a patchwork basis.

“Here there is an initial alliance of at least four sectors. One is obviously Peru Libre, which is the one that gave him not only the franchise, but full support for Pedro Castillo to be elected … The other sector is Juntos por el Perú, which has also had internal problems, which has emerged in the movement New Peru and have signed an agreement. There is also an agreement with the Broad Front that is also part of this Ministerial Cabinet. And along with them there are a series of other ministers who are independent, in quotation marks, but who are part of the friendships that President Castillo has, a very clear case is the Minister of Justice, Aníbal Torres, who is not affiliated with any of the parties mentioned ”, he specified.

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