Pedro Gallese asked not to speak more about Andrew Redmayne because “he is going to believe that he is a goalkeeper”

Pedro Gallese spoke about Andrew Redmayne.

Pedro Gallese first referred to Andrew Redmayne. The Peruvian was consulted about the controversy of the member of the Australian team by throwing out his notes in full definition of penalties. The ‘Octopus’ asked not to speak more about the dancing goalkeeper, because he may think that he is a “goal goal”.

“I had studied it, just the help of the bottle and the leaf was something extra. I had it all in my head. I think we should not give much importance to that goalkeeperI think we are mentioning it so much that even he can believe it is an archery. One we hit the post and the other covered it, I think she did the same as me because I also covered one. But wish him the best in the World Cup, ”she began in a conversation with Canal N.

“We are a very strong group, it is his way of covering up, if his way of covering up is doing a little of those strange things, it only remains in him. I have always characterized myself as a serious goalkeeper, for giving a good image and yes, I will always be”, replied the ‘Octopus’ when asked about the Redmayne dance.

Pedro Gallese referred to the Australian goalkeeper.

Pedro Gallese did not hesitate to refer to the permanence of Ricardo Gareca in the Peruvian team. “He is a coach who has taught us a lot, he has given the country a lot of joy and I hope he can stay.”

He also had words for his partner Luis Advincula. “It was a little fever nothing more. ‘Lucho’ still has a lot to give us. He has the backing of everyone, not just the group, but the country. He is a player who has given us a lot of joy, he has helped us a lot, he is a benchmark and he is one of the leaders of the team. He has to always hold his head high.”

“There have always been leaders who support us, the relatives, logically, the wife, the children, the parents are always there. So I don’t think anything bad has happened, ”clarified the national goalkeeper about the controversy of guests on the Qatar trip.


Pedro Gallese he rejoined his club orlando-city days after the painful defeat against Australia in the playoff Like little, the ‘incaico’ was a starter in the match with New England by Major League Soccerin which he was featured.

Great intervention by Pedro Gallese, who just two days ago was playing in Qatar with the Peruvian National Team. A big”, wrote the account of the league of the North American country accompanied by a video of the ‘Octopus’.

New England attacked down the left side. They leaked a pass for their striker, who luckily couldn’t reach. The ball continued to the goal of the ‘lions’, but the Peruvian was attentive, put his chest and then stretched to contain the ball.

Pedro Gallese lined up as a starter in Orlando City vs. New England.

Then, he started again in Orlando City’s victory over el Dynamo. Ercan Kara scored a brace and gave victory to the ‘Lions’, who rose one position and at the end of the day is in fourth place in the Eastern Conference. The Peruvian goalkeeper received a yellow card from the match judge.

This Friday Pedro Gallese and company will visit Cincinnati. The commitment will start at 6:30 pm (Peruvian time) at the TQL Stadium. His rival on duty comes from equaling 1-1 with Philadelphia and is eighth.


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