Pedro Suárez Vértiz ‘hits’ Yonhy Lescano for reporting aggression: “Don’t be a crybaby, you’re intact”

Some days ago, former presidential candidate Yonhy Lescano denounced that he and his family were attacked by a mob of protesters outside his home, located in Surco. As usual, the singer Pedro Suárez Vértiz sent him a powerful message on his social networks.

After the former congressman pointed out that the radical Fujimori group of La Resistencia was the ones who caused these damages, Suárez Vértiz asked him to stop complaining, because there are other people like citizen Richard Muro who were attacked and nothing was done.

Lescano, don’t be a crybaby. We agree that all aggression must be investigated, even with the petal of a rose. But what seems very mean of you, is that knowing publicly that a finger has not been lifted by citizen Richard Muro, you demand a “forced investigation” for the aggression you suffered, as if you were a priority. When you don’t even have a scratch ”, stressed.

Along these lines, the retired music artist assured that Muro never had justice, despite the fact that “They seized him with machetes and fierces” during a mobilization of supporters of Fuerza Popular and Perú Libre in the Center of Lima.

Some “protesters” massacred passerby Richard Muro, until he was bled to death, unconscious and with a totally lacerated skull, lying on the track. Mr. Wall until today has not found the bloody attack on his person. In other words, you demand “to investigate to the last consequences who are your aggressors.” But nobody wants to know anything about those who seized Mr. Muro with machetes and fierces ”, he pointed.

Through his Instagram account, Pedro Suárez Vértiz urged Yonhy Lescano to stop complaining in the media and instead move his influences to find Richard Muro’s attackers.

When I got sick I didn’t complain to anyone. Rather I fought for those who were worse than me. Those who convulse. I fought to legalize Canabis oil and we succeeded. So don’t whine anymore on all media. Rather move your influences so that we find those who almost killed Mr. Wall. Because you are intact “, he sentenced.

“Very bad also for some news anchors for making a scandal for relative prejudice and forgetting about those who massacred Richard Muro, who continue without any punishment or investigation”added.

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