Pellegri, relax in Mykonos with Ricci and Fares

Pellegri has published as an Instagram story a photo that portrays him on holiday in Mykonos with Ricci and Fares

The players of the Serie A clubs will be able to enjoy a few more days of vacation before returning to work for next season. Peter Pellegrias one of his Instagram stories testifies, he is spending a few relaxing days in Mykonos, together with Samuele Curls and to Mohamed Fares. They too, as Izzo and Mandragora did, decided to enjoy a few days of tranquility together with some mates with whom they shared half the season. In fact, both Pellegri and Ricci and Fares had arrived at Toro during the transfer market session in January. And if for Ricci and Pellegri the future, except for sensational twists, will still be garnet-colored for the unfortunate Fares, who arrived at Toro and was injured immediately, the future still remains a great unknown and could say goodbye to the grenade club without ever having set foot on the pitch wearing the Toro shirt.

Ricci, Pellegri and Fares

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