Peloton Row is coming – and new features for the guide

Peloton has introduced its new fitness machine, the Peloton Row. He is from now on Available for pre-order in the US, but the rowing machine is not yet listed on the German website. In addition, the manufacturer has also increased its guide so that subscribers can get an even more personalized fitness experience.

The new Peloton Row models complement the Peloton Bike, Peloton Bike+, Peloton Guide and Peloton Tread. According to the manufacturer, delivery of the new rowing machine will begin in December 2022. According to Peloton, they have developed their own rowing machine because it makes training particularly efficient: 86% of the muscles can be used in 15 minutes of training. One of the highlights is “Form Assist”. You will receive individual tips during training in real time. You will also receive statistics and analyzes after each workout. You can also set your own pace targets.

A swiveling HD screen with a diagonal of 24 inches is installed on the rowing machine. The manufacturer also promises a low operating volume thanks to the electronically controlled resistance. With new content from trainers Matt Wilpers and Adrian Williams as well as new additions Ash Pryor, Alex Karwoski and Katie Wang, there will also be new course offerings such as a “Row Bootcamp”. In the US, the Peloton Row starts at $3,195. All-Access membership, which provides access to training courses and data analysis, costs $44 per month. Those who already have a subscription can access the additional content at no extra cost.

The Peloton Guide is an AI-based trainer, which receives some updates from the company to expand and improve the functions. This includes, for example, “Rep Tracking”, which precisely recognizes and evaluates the movements of the user. “Weight Rack”, on the other hand, records weights / dumbbells in the household and can record how much weight you have lifted and how your strength is improving during workouts in the guide.

The rep tracking starts with three new collections in the guide and from now on there will be new courses every week that rely on the function. The Peloton Guide costs 295 US dollars in the USA, then you only get the sensor, or in a bundle with weights and training mat 545 to 1,270 US dollars. Guide membership or All Access membership is required to use the Guide’s features.

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