Peluchín trolls Giuliana Rengifo LIVE: “Another notary who does not legalize you”

After the program “Magaly TV: La Firme” broadcast an ‘ampay’ by Giuliana Rengifo with Paul Pineda, the singer appeared this Tuesday, September 20, in the program “Amor y Fuego” to clarify that the Pucallpino notary is separated from his wife two months ago.

After listening to the release of the cumbiambera, Gigi Miter made fun of the singer by pointing out that she is repeating patterns when choosing the men she goes out with, this due to the relationship she would have had with the notary alfredo zambrano, husband of Magaly Medina.

Gigi pointed out sarcastically in clear reference to the statements of the “Urraca” husband, who said that he had nothing serious with her. she added Rodrigo Gonzalez ‘Peluchin’ amid laughter.

The former member of Agua Bella She was not silent and assured that she is not looking to have a formal relationship with anyone, since she is just enjoying her single life.

“I am not thinking that they legalize me, I am single, I am calm, I am happy, so do not give me husbands or anything”, she replied, clearly uncomfortable.

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Giselo cries with emotion because of her mother’s surprise

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