Pension reform: Bruno Le Maire calls on the Republicans to “recover their spirits”

Two days after the commitment of the responsibility of the government on the pension reform, Bruno Le Maire attacks the opposition, in an interview with Parisian this Saturday. And especially the Republicans.

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire called on his former Republican colleagues to “recover their spirits”, in an interview with the Parisian published this Saturday. After resorting to 49.3 for lack of a sufficient majority to pass the law against the pension reform, the minister calls on the LRs to “abandon all political postures”.

“The text will have to be applied”, repeated Bruno Le Maire, adding that “no violence should be tolerated, anywhere”.

“A Clown Hitch”

Asked about a possible fall of the government, he wondered: “Is the pension reform worth, yes or no, the fall of the government and the political disorder? The answer is clearly no. Let everyone take their responsibilities on Monday!”

“What hypocrisy!” exclaimed the minister again during this interview, calling on the opposition to “stop with the ball of the hypocrites!”. Before criticizing Liot who “reach out to Nupes and the RN to bring down the government”: “a clownish hitch!”, In his words.

Jeanne Bulant BFMTV journalist

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